It is the policy of The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc. to set guidelines which shall be adhered to by individuals and organizations when applying for grants herein.

Grants will be given to individuals and organizations who meet the objectives of our three program areas and who live or do business in West Tennessee, Northern Alabama and Northern Mississippi.  Organizational applicants must be a U. S. 501 (c) 3 organization or be tax exempt under another IRS code. The benevolent committee of The Darryl Worley Foundation will meet monthly to evaluate grant applications.

Program Areas

Grants will be made in the following program areas:

1. Human Need and Welfare: It is the primary purpose of The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc. to address the needs and welfare of the people in Hardin and McNairy Counties in West Tennessee and the surrounding area as geographically defined above

2. Community Support: The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc. will also address issues facing communities in the defined geographical area that will help to improve the quality life of its residents

3. Education: The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc. will address the needs of public schools and individuals trying to better themselves through ongoing education and related activities in the defined geographical area.

How to apply for a grant

Any individual or organization who falls within the guidelines set forth herein may apply for a grant from The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc.  Simply download the grant application form that applies and mail with accompanying schedules to:

The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc.
325 Main Street
Savannah, TN  38372
(731) 926-2667
(866) 484-3877